Events 2023

January 6th

Family Policy Institute of Washington Filming: NYC

January 9th

Pella Christian School

January 21st

National Pro-Life Summit: SFLA Washington DC

January 27th

SFLA Field Team Training

February 13th

Young Women for America Leader Calls

February 14th

SFLA Walgreens HQ (Chemical Abortion Pills)

March 1st

Sheila Harper’s Love Life Podcast

March 22

Temple University

April 12

UMASS Amerst

April 14th

Liberty University

April 20th-21st

Pregnancy Center East: Cincinnati Ohio

April 22nd

Grove City College

April 27th

St. Gianna Pregnancy Outreach Centers: Buffalo, NY

June 13th

Republican Women of Greater North Texas

September 8th

Wake Up Conference: Yucaipa, CA

September 9th

Mary’s Shelter, VA

September 10th

Faith Outreach Center

October 26th

Harmony’s Women Care, Rhode Island