September 27th

Pennsylvania March For Life

October 6th

Sandhills Community College

October TBA

Pro-Life Youth Conference: Michigan

October 19th

Amnion CPC Banquet

November 7th

Recording Middle Ground YouTube Series: LA

November 15th

SFLA Tour North Carolina

November 17th

SFLA Tour George Mason University

November 18th

SFLA Tour Catholic University

January 9th

Lancaster First Assembly of God

January 16th 2022

Glad Tidings A/G Middletown

January 21st

Washington DC March for Life

January 22nd 2022

National Pro-Life Summit (Students for Life)

January 31st 2022

Northeast District of the Wesleyan Church Pastors and Spouses Retreat

February 3rd

Maryland March For Life (Students for Life)

February 20th

Morning Star Church

March 17th 2022

SFLA Fellowship Speaker

March 19th-20th

Trinity Bible Fellowship Conference

March 25th

Mercy Crisis Pregnancy Center Banquet

June 3rd-4th

Reframe Women’s Conference